Welcome To R.J.Thakur College

R.J.Thakur Degree College is an educational institution, which strives to form men and women who will build a just and humane world. It strives for an intellectual endeavor that focuses on critical and creative thinking, with the aim of social transformation.

Our Vision

Education is the transmission of wisdom to civilization.

Our Mission

The mission of R.J.Thakur Degree College is to seek...

Our Goal

R.J.DegreeCollege is an educational institution, which...

Principal's Message

R J Thakur college was established in 2003. Our Founder President Late Hon. Shri. Ramchandra J. Thakur, understood that there is a necessity of establishing full-fledged educational institution to attain all-round development of students. His vision was to provide quality education to the disadvantaged people of Kamgar area become reality.

Board of Directors

Ramchandra J. Thakur


Late Rajesh R. Thakur


Smt. Shakuntala R. Thakur


Shre. Mangesh R. Thakur

Vice President

Shre. Hanmant D. Jagdale


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